Accommodation in Roma, Maseru is sought after by tourists, back packers and people seeking adventure alike.


Roof of Africa Rally

Roma forms a crucial part of the “Roof of Africa Rally” and Grace lodging has become the “Home of the Roof of Africa”.

Roma provides a perfect experience for off Road Biking. you are as our guests encouraged to bring your own bikes to enjoy the terrain enjoyed but not reserved for the world’s best adrenaline junkies who come for the “Mother of Hard Enduro”.



Grace Provides the following activities: 

Horse riding : Please pre arrange for this activity.

Dinosaur Prints: We are situated less than a kilometre away from the magnificent dinosaur prints and it just takes a walk to go there and experience this awesome history.

Hiking – Grace provides an opportunity for hiking in one of the best sceneries Lesotho has to provide. We offer the following hiking tracks:

  • Ramabanta – Semonkong (2 days & 1 night)
  • Semonkong – Malealea or Malealea – Semonkong (Feb/Mar)
  • Thaba Bosiu – Matsieng (annual Kings Birthday Walk in July)
  • Marabeng (Berea) – Nazareth (warm-up day hike)
  • Ha Moruthoane – Ha Tikoe via Qeme Plateaux (warm-up day hike)
  • Sani (indepenedent High Altitude Endurance Walk – October)

While these may be the main ones, we also offer other local hiking tracks in Roma.

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Off Road Driving

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